SHR is the newest, fastest and least painful form of permanent hair reduction.

It’s time that you try Super Hair Removal (SHR) Laser. This is the latest hair removal technology which combines both laser and IPL.

At Gold Coast Face and Body Place in Southport, owner Lisa is always on the lookout for the latest hair removal technology to provide the best and safest results for her clients.

“I heard about Super Hair Removal machines 10 years ago, but the technology hadn’t been perfected and the equipment was way too expensive.  Three years ago, I finally found the perfect machine and have not looked back since.”

How is Super Hair Removal different to traditional IPL?

  • Unlike traditional IPL, which delivers a single, sharp pulse of energy at high intensity that targets both the skin and the hair follicle, SHR uses gentle but rapid pulses of energy at high frequency so the skin and hair follicle is heated gently allowing the light to target the cells and blood supply which produce the hair follicle.
  • As SHR is much gentler and basically painless ( some would say it feels like a warm massage), we’re able to go over the area multiple times per session which ultimately give better results per session!
  • We call this ‘In Motion Technology’ which is the complete opposite of the painful single shots experienced with IPL, thus eliminating the ‘hot rubber band flicking’ sensation  previously experienced in older IPL machines.
  • The new SHR Technology is completely safe and because of the way the light is delivered, the machine can be set to target all skin and hair types giving great results for almost everybody!

How does SHR treatment work?

  • Before your treatment, the area needs to be shaved.  This is because the hair follicle needs to be in the anagen (growing) phase and without a hair follicle present the light has nothing to target so no waxing or tweezing for at least 14 days before the treatment!
  • After a consultation with Lisa,  some cool gel will be applied to the area,  the machine is set accordingly,  Lisa performs a test patch on herself and then the treatment is performed!  It is all very quick and painless!
  • After the treatment, the hair will grow out for 10-14 days then it will literally just fall out … it’s like magic! With the thicker, darker hair (especially the underarms and pubic area,) the fall out will be very noticeable. Finer hair will be less noticeable initially but with a couple of sessions will be very noticeable!

How many SHR treatments will I need?

This is the most popular question — and the answer is different for each person!  But first we must remember, nothing is permanent and as human beings we are constantly producing new cells which in turn creates more hair follicles!

But, if you stick to a recommended plan the hair reduction is very significant and maintenance is only required a couple of times a year.  Lisa’s recommendation is for 1 session per month for the first 4 sessions, then a couple of sessions every 6 weeks,  then every 8 weeks and so on!  This is very dependent on the thorough consultation at your first visit.

How do I start a course of SHR treatments?

Call to book an appointment or consultation with Lisa.

You’ll be thrilled with the results, it’s quick, easy and painless and you’ll wish you started earlier!